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Depending on where you live, you may find that beach parties can turn chilly, especially at night.  A gentle breeze coming in from the ocean may feel great when the sun is overhead, but it can bring out the goosebumps after the sun goes down.  Therefore, it is very important to find cover-ups, jackets and other items that you can throw into a beach bag for comfort if you wind up on the beach in the evening.  LoveSurf has a line of wraps, jackets and pullovers in classic fleece and other materials to keep you snug at your next evening beach party.

Active apparel must be made of durable material that is still soft and comfortable to the skin and stands up to hard use.  For these purposes, there is little better than fleece, a material that has been used for generations to make warm, comfortable casual clothing.

Fleece has great insulation properties and keeps you very warm.  There is little in the world more snug and cozy than a soft fleece pullover wrapped around you on a cold winter’s night.  Fleece has natural properties that make it great for heat conservation.  However, fleece is not heavy or hot like more tightly-woven wools, so it stays comfortable even in warmer weather.

Many brands of quality workout clothes and beach garments are made from fleece.  Fleece provides some moisture-repellent properties, although it is not the ideal material to soak with water as it becomes heavy when dowsed.

You can choose a wide variety of fleece cover-ups, jackets and other items from LoveSurf’s large catalog.  Fleece throws, wraps and other items will keep you warm even at the windiest beach parties and also show of your great fashion taste.  Fleece is easily dyed and screen printed so you can choose the piece that best represents your personality in color and design.  Browse LoveSurf for great fleece ideas and carry something you can snuggle into at your next evening party.



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