25 Flat Belly Foods

Top 25 Flat Belly Foods - Check Out This List Of Flat Belly Foods, From Almonds To Eggs, And Get Ready For Summer. #Summer #Weightloss

1. EVOO – (extra virgin olive oil) A-monounsaturated fat that burns calories and fat. This oil also helps with cholesterol levels. A great belly slimmer.

2. Nonfat Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt which keeps you fuller longer. It also contains good bacteria (probiotics) that works to reduce the bad bacteria in the intestines that is responsible for belly bloating.

3. Mushrooms – With the lack of vitamin D, it has been linked to higher levels of belly fat. Mushrooms are the only natural plant source of Vitamin D. Mushrooms are a fabulous way to cut carbs too.

4. Skim Milk – Milk is the perfect combination of protein and carbs to keep you feeling full, especially after a workout. It also helps to build muscle and lose fat. Check out our Strawberry Banana smoothie with skim milk.

5. Beans – Beans are a great food for belly slimming. They are high in fiber and low in calories. Beans are great because they fire off at, build muscle and regulate digestion. They also help you feel full faster and longer which helps with over-eating.

6. Almonds – A super convenient snack, almonds (with the skin) help to reduce cravings and build muscle. The vitamin E also helps to cut cholesterol.

7. Avocados – Just a medium avocado holds 15 grams of fiber and all that fiber is helping you keep your hunger pangs at bay. Just ¼ cup of avocado has a full days worth of monounsaturated fatty acid which burns belly fat. Don’t let people confuse you about the health and fat of delicious avocados.

8. Dark or semisweet chocolate – Cocoa powder have compounds that have the potential to protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Dark chocolate also has monounsaturated fat that can help with the belly bulge. Just make sure to keep it at no more than ¼ cup a day.

9. Nut Butters – With antioxidant vitamin E, bone-building magnesium, muscle-friendly potassium, and immunity-boosting vitamin B6, nut butters are the perfect choice. Also, full of monounsaturated fats, which help with the belly fat of course. Using nut butters can absolutely fit into your diet or allotted calories for the day.

10. Walnuts – Full of Omega-3 fatty acids that help protect your heart and preserve your brain. The Omegas also help the body burn fat. Eat them in their natural state.

11. Spinach – Is so super low calorie and an amazing versatile food for your flat belly. It helps you to feel full and is a great source of calcium which helps your muscles contract.

12. Vinegar – People who consume vinegar on a regular basis have a smaller waist and less belly fat. “Researchers feel this may be due to vinegar’s acetic acid, which may switch on genes that pump out proteins that break down fat.”

13. Whole Grains – Slowing your insulin spike with whole grains. They release their energy slowly so it helps to burn fat. Because of that, it makes it easier to metabolize fat.

14. Grapefruit – Researchers think that the acidity in grapefruit, may slow digestion and make you feel full longer. It has been shown that people who eat ½ grapefruit three times a day, people lost weight without doing anything else.

15. Eggs – They contain b12 which helps to breakdown fat cells. It is also packed with protein which will keep you full all day. Hard boiled eggs are perfect for on the go, and are very filling.

16. Apples – Packed with fiber to keep you full, and by chewing a lot, it makes you feel more satisfied.

17. Tomatoes – High in fiber and also a natural diuretic. Also full of water to make you feel full and boost belly bloat minimizer. Try a Refreshing Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho.

18. Salmon – Salmon is a fantastic belly reducer. Full of omega-3 fatty acids, it encourages fat burning by revving up your metabolism.

19. Berries – Full of fiber to keep you full. One cup of fiber has 8g of fiber! Slowly digested and cleans out your digestive tract.

20. Asparagus – Full of vitamins A and C.



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