LoveSurf Model Search 2014


Are you the next face of LoveSurf?

Have you ever dreamed of staring in a surf lifestyle film? Do you spend every moment looking for the next big wave? Here’s your chance to do both!

LoveSurf and The ERA Agency are looking for the next #LoveSurfGirl.

Come visit us Saturday, August 8, 2014 at the SuperGirl Pro from 2pm – 5pm at the Festival Village for a chance to meet with LoveSurf casting agents and chat with them about what being a #LoveSurfGirl is all about.

Come by the booth and check out our Fall 2014 collection. Get a sneak peek and try on your favorite LoveSurf pieces.

Can’t attend the event?

Upload your photo to Instagram using the hashtag #LoveSurfGirl.

You will be automatically entered and could be chosen for a call-back later this month. For more information visit





DIY Foot Soak

Between work and working out, you’re tough on your feet. Give them a break with this DIY foot soak. Epson salt is great for sore muscles and sprains. It can also help to flush out toxins from the body. Baking soda help eliminate odors and is good for exfoliating your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Lime has been known to rejuvenate the skin and used in aromatherapy for its energizing and cheerful aroma. Peppermint essential oil can ease aches and pains in muscles and help you cool down after a workout.lovesurf-foot-soak


  • 2 cups of Epson Salt
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • Zest of one lime (omit to keep longer)
  • 3-4 drop of peppermint essential oil

Mix thoroughly. Pour into a jar or bag. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Use within a couple weeks.

How to use:

Add 1/2 cup of mixture to basin of warm water. Place tired feet in and relax!

Makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift too!




Benefits of hitting the beach

If you’ve been in Southern California lately, you’ve probably done anything and everything to cool off and get to the beach- its been over 90 degrees here! But did you know your seaside escape has countless health benefits too?

Sandy Beaches

Sand is nature’s perfect exfoliant. Simply take a walk on the beach and the soles of your feet will feel soft. Gently rub sand on your arms, legs and feet to exfoliate your skin and take a break from the chemicals commonly found at the drugstore. Its recommended to exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin to allow your pores to breathe and avoid breakouts. Don’t forget to moisturize when you get home.

Have you ever noticed your muscles seem sore after a long walk or run on the beach? Its because the sands is inconsistent and constantly changing your muscles are working harder to get the traction they need. Burn up to 50% more calories walking on the beach and tone up your legs too.

Salt Water

Did you know our bodies are made up of 2/3 salt water? So it seem only natural the ocean contains remedies to help our body. The components of salt water can produce antibodies that can help promote a healthy immune system. Salt water is also a miracle cleansing agent. Sodium chloride (found in salt water) helps clear the skin and acne. Salt water is also great for healing cuts and sore. It may sting at first but it will be less painful once your get out of the water.

If you’re fighting a Spring cold, jump in the water. The salt water can help filter out the built up mucus in your nasal passage. Warning- when the salt water goes in, mucus will come out.

Greasy hair? Dandruff? Jump in nature’s “shower.” The salt water will cleanse the unwanted oils in your hair. It also will get rid of the chemical build up from hair products that can weigh your hair down, leaving you with natural volume. Salt water can even exfoliate your scalp, eliminating dandruff. Over-exposure to salt water can leave you hair feeling dry. Try a post beach hair mask of  buttermilk and honey- work into hair and leave in for 10 minutes then rinse.

Cool off and burn calories by going for a swim. Swimming is a great way to get a full body workout. Use in thalassotherapy, or seawater therapy, swimming in salt water can increase your circulation. Also, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that swimming for about half an hour can help you reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

So grab your bikini (the LoveSurf Trestles Bikini is perfect) and hit nature’s health spa.




Eco-Friendly Ways to Workout

In celebration of Earth Day, let’s take a moment to “unplug” and take your workout outdoors with these eco-friendly workouts.

Hit the Beach

Every LoveSurf girls favorite outdoor gym. Grab your board or dive in the water. Swimming gives you a great full body workout. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that swimming for about half an hour can help you reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Sweat Outside

Try taking an outdoor workout class like a boot camp class at a park. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing, try a yoga or a Pilates class on the beach. Remember to bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

Hike it Out

Take a break from the gym and hit the trail. The steep inclines will be sure to get your heart pumping. Best of all, no treadmill required. Try our Hill Sprints Challenge on your next hike.

Game On

Grab some friends and workout your abs, arms, legs, and shoulders. Beach volleyball is fun and only requires a ball (and your favorite LoveSurf activewear).


Skip the spin class and hop on a real bike. Take a ride to your local juice bar or the beach and get in your cardio. Biking can help strengthen your lower body and keeping your abs engaged as you pedal will add a bonus core workout.

Earth Day Gear

Wherever your Earth Day workout takes you, remember to be green and don’t forget your favorite activewear from LoveSurf. We love our Trestles Swim Top- its quick to dry and can double as a sports bra. Shop between 4/22 and 4/30  and 25% of the proceeds from the sale of our Trestles Bikini will be donated to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA. Help us celebrate Earth Day and bring awareness our beautiful ocean.

LoveSurf Trestles Swim Top and Balance Capri

LoveSurf Trestles Swim Top and Balance Capri





Marathon Playlist

Monday, April 21, 2014 marks the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. To this year’s participants, and to all marathon runners out there, here’s to you! We know a even a little motivation can go a long way so we’ve created a playlist to help you get through the next 26.2 miles. From Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” anthem to Michael Jackson classics, we’ve got you covered.


Look for more LoveSurf playlists by following us on Spotify.



#LoveSurfLife Contest Winners

Check out the winners of our #LoveSurfLife contest!


You could be our Week 4 winner! Show us how you live the #LoveSurfLife and enter to WIN the Trestles Bikini from LoveSurf.


  • SNAP a photo working out or around town in your favorite LoveSurf gear
  • TAG it with the hashtag #lovesurflife
  • POST it on Instagram or Twitter
  • You’re ENTERED

Last day to enter is Tuesday April 29th, 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be contacted on or around April 30th.

Good luck!



Yoga for Runners

Running is a great way to stay in shape but it can also put a toll on your body. Find your balance with these yoga poses that can help strengthen and protect your body.


Improve your balance and strengthen your legs in this pose. Once you’ve mastered Tree pose, try closing your eyes and holding the pose for an extra test of your balance.

Twisted Trianglelovesurf-triangle

Especially if you are tight, this pose can be beneficial for your hips and glutes. If you feel any discomfort, try resting your arm on a block.

Downward Doglovesurf-downdog

This essential yoga pose opens the arms and upper back while also strengthening and lengthening the body. For a better overall stretch, lift your hips and push your heels into the ground.

Upward Doglovesurf-updog

Avid runners often have strong legs but can have neglected areas like their core and arms. Upper body yoga targets this upper body area.

Low Lungelovesurf-lunge

Lunges are great for balance- an essential for any runner. To take the pose further, drop down onto your elbows.

Seated Spinal Twistlovesurf-twist

Twists can help lengthen and loosen the upper body. Cross your right knee over your left leg- keep your right knee bent with the sole of your foot on the ground. Reach your left arm across your body and put it against the outside of your thigh- twist and hold. Repeat on the other side.

Forward Foldlovesurf-fold

Stretch, stretch and more stretch! This pose is great for your hamstrings and calves. Pull on your toes for an extra bonus in the arches of your feet. Try it seated or standing.

Reclining Pigeon

With your knees bent, lie on your back, cross your right ankle over your left quad, and gently pull your left quad toward you- repeat on the other side. This pose will stretch your glutes and hamstrings.


Lying on your back with your knees bent, lift your hips to the sky while keeping your core engaged. This pose is a great counter to running which tends to make your hunch forward.

Bound Angel

Laying on the floor, open your knees wide apart with your feet touching. This pose will open your lower back, hips and inner thighs. Let your knees drop gently to the floor, don’t force them. Roll a towel and place on your lower back for added comfort and support.

Above all, remember your breathe. It’s important on both the track and mat.

What are they wearing:


LoveSurf Inspire Racerback Tank and Explore Legging









LoveSurf Trestles Swim Top and Balance Capri

LoveSurf Trestles Swim Top and Balance Capri









Shop more LoveSurf apparel at

LoveSurf’s Guide to Surviving Coachella 2014

If you are taking a break from the waves and ocean and migrating to the desert this weekend, here are some tips on enjoying, and surviving, one of the best 3-day music festivals on the West coast – Coachella.



We cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated. With temperatures that can reach 100+ degrees and standing in the direct sunlight, you can easily become dehydrated. You can bring an empty water bottle or Camelback and fill it up at the over 15 filling stations.  Bring Nuun electrolyte tablets to add to your water. They are designed to keep you hydrated without the high calorie and sugar intake of sports drinks like Gatorade. Drink more water than you think is possible- too much is never enough. Take a break once in a while too and rest under one of the various shaded structures.

Protect and Cover

Coachella is one of the most fashionable music festivals. But make sure to use sunscreen and reapply constantly. Try Coola’s SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen Spray available at This organic, continuous spray will also nourish, repair and hydrate your skin. A hat and sunglasses are a Coachella must too! Although it might feel like you are boiling in the middle of the day, temperatures at night can drop down into the 50’s, so don’t forget warm clothes to cover your arms and legs.


Eat a big, protein filled breakfast before heading to the festival. It can sustain you through a good portion of the day. Outside food is not allowed, but if you can, stash some energy or granola bars in your bag. Food inside can cost around $10 per meal. To get a bigger bang for your buck, avoid the pizza and ice-cream and instead pick the higher protein options like the burger or burritos. There will be Vegan options this year as well. Looking for healthy options? Head over to the Terrace Yurts and pick up some gourmet walnut or a cold-pressed juice from Clover.

Activities & Relaxation

If you are camping at the festival, don’t forget your yoga mat! Grab a FREE yoga or Pilates class under the Activities Area. Classes start at 8am and go till 2pm. Need to relieve some stress? There will be on-site massage therapist to work out your trouble spots. You’ll be walking 10-12 hour each day; some people walk as much as 10 miles per day. Your legs will definitely be getting a workout!


Whether you are there to see your favorite band or discover something new, Coachella is all about the music. If you are heading out to the desert this weekend, we’ve created a playlist to get you ready. Check out the full playlist and follow us on Spotify.



For some, it’s a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #lovesurflife on Instagram or Twitter so we can see how LoveSurf Girls take on Coachella like they do SUP Yoga.



How to Clean your Yoga Mat

Like most LoveSurf girls, we use our yoga mat on a regular basis. Which begs the question- when was the last time you cleaned your yoga mat?

lovesurf-yoga-matDirt, oil, and sweat can penetrate the surface of your mat leaving a not so pleasant odor when you are trying to relax in child’s pose. Here is a simple cleaning spray that will sanitize and protect your mat.

With a spray a bottle, mix 2/3 of the bottle with witch hazel or vinegar (vinegar will leave a stronger smell). Top off with water and some essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus. Mix thoroughly in the spray bottle.

Spray the surface of your mat with the mixture and wipe it with a damp cloth. Allow plenty of time of your mat to dry by hanging it outside or on the shower rod. Make sure your mat is completely dry before you start your next practice.




High fashion swim-to-gym™ apparel for surfing, SUP, workout and recreation.


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