12 Dec

Behind the Seams: Interview with Designer Holly Downes


Earlier this year we collaborated with designer Holly Downes on our exclusive LoveSurf Beach Volley Bikini Top. We recently sat down with Holly to discuss design, creativity, and inspiration. Let’s see what she had to say!

Where do you look for inspiration?

I truly find inspiration daily — whether it be for design work or my personal life, there is no limit to finding inspiration. I love trying new trending workouts. Moving the body in new ways and in different environments is truly inspiring and makes my mind buzz with creative concepts.

Where do you find that you are most creative?

I think all creative people have special moment they take for themselves to keep their minds fresh. Creativity flows for me when I step back and breathe — when I take a moment to embrace life. The freedom of creativity can lead to unique, fresh concepts, which lead to great design.

What do you love about designing activewear?

Designing apparel for an active lifestyle has become my own lifestyle — it’s a part of me.

How did you get your start as a designer?

I headed to college having no idea what career path I wanted to take. My parents’ guidance led me to design school.  After graduating from The Art Institute, I landed my first job as an Assistant Designer for Nike Swim. That is when I found my passion for the apparel industry. And now, fourteen years later, I still have the passion and drive for designing active and lifestyle apparel. I love my job!

What is your ultimate design playlist?

Lately my music choices have been inspired by yoga classes I have been attending. Designing to music that triggers muscle memory or moments of a previous runner’s high is a pretty cool experience. A few of my current favorites are:

DJ Ease My Mind (Skrillex Remix) – Niki & the Dove

Emmanuel – Basecamp

Can’t do Without You – Caribou

Be a Body – Grimes

Celestica – Crystal Castles

Hanging On – Ellie Goulding

Northern Lights – Kate Boy

West Coast (ZHU Remix) – Lana del Rey

Eyes – Kaskade

Harvest Moon – Poolside

Midnight – Coldplay

As Close to Me as You are Now – Hiatus


04 Nov

Meet the LOVESURF Team



LOVESURF-Logo-Round-PearlWe wanted to stop and take a moment out of our day to introduce you to the LoveSurf team, including some of our newest additions, and give you a little sense of what it is we do here on a daily basis. 

From design, to production, to sales and marketing, our amazing and versatile team works out of our San Clemente, CA showroom and design studio (just blocks from the beach!). It’s here that we collaborate with local designers and artists, bringing everyone’s unique talents together, to help make LoveSurf what it is today.

brian photo

Brian MacDonald is the Founder and CEO of LoveSurf. Brian’s vision was to create a high fashion line for the active lifestyle, and that’s exactly what he did. A surfer and SoCal native, Brian enjoys spending time at the beach, playing volleyball and hanging out with his daughter, Capri.


Jessica Lindseth is the Marketing Manager here at LoveSurf. She is in charge of all of the marketing and public relations for the company. Fun fact: Jessica loves long walks on the beach at sunset.


 Hallee Berlin is our Production Coordinator. She works in all aspects of production, overseeing the details and quality of our products. Hallee is a California native who loves everything fashion. She enjoys traveling, hanging out at the beach and staying active playing beach volleyball.


Emily Krak is our Marketing & Sales Coordinator and LoveSurf Girl. Emily runs our Ambassador Program and works in sales to ensure that you can find LoveSurf in all of your favorite stores. Emily loves ocean conservation, surfing, and avocado EVERYTHING. She recenty went diving in the Great Blue Hole in Belize.


Jillian Gates is one of the Executive Assistants here at LoveSurf. Born and raised in Southern California, Jillian loves yoga, fashion, and design.


Kara Chung is is one of our Executive Assistants. Kara works in shipping and customer service, taking care of our customers and ensuring that you receive any LoveSurf gear purchased online. An interesting fact about Kara is that she is a sushi aficionado.


Lindsea Koning is the LoveSurf photographer. She captures amazing shots of our LoveSurf girls rocking our gear. Lindsea once moved nine houses down the street just to have a better view of the beach here in San Clemente. Now that’s love.

12 Oct

Benefits of hitting the beach


If you’ve been in Southern California lately, you’ve probably done anything and everything to cool off and get to the beach- its been over 90 degrees here! But did you know your seaside escape has countless health benefits too?

Sandy Beaches

Sand is nature’s perfect exfoliant. Simply take a walk on the beach and the soles of your feet will feel soft. Gently rub sand on your arms, legs and feet to exfoliate your skin and take a break from the chemicals commonly found at the drugstore. Its recommended to exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin to allow your pores to breathe and avoid breakouts. Don’t forget to moisturize when you get home.

Have you ever noticed your muscles seem sore after a long walk or run on the beach? Its because the sands is inconsistent and constantly changing your muscles are working harder to get the traction they need. Burn up to 50% more calories walking on the beach and tone up your legs too.

Salt Water

Did you know our bodies are made up of 2/3 salt water? So it seem only natural the ocean contains remedies to help our body. The components of salt water can produce antibodies that can help promote a healthy immune system. Salt water is also a miracle cleansing agent. Sodium chloride (found in salt water) helps clear the skin and acne. Salt water is also great for healing cuts and sore. It may sting at first but it will be less painful once your get out of the water.

If you’re fighting a Spring cold, jump in the water. The salt water can help filter out the built up mucus in your nasal passage. Warning- when the salt water goes in, mucus will come out.

Greasy hair? Dandruff? Jump in nature’s “shower.” The salt water will cleanse the unwanted oils in your hair. It also will get rid of the chemical build up from hair products that can weigh your hair down, leaving you with natural volume. Salt water can even exfoliate your scalp, eliminating dandruff. Over-exposure to salt water can leave you hair feeling dry. Try a post beach hair mask of  buttermilk and honey- work into hair and leave in for 10 minutes then rinse.

Cool off and burn calories by going for a swim. Swimming is a great way to get a full body workout. Use in thalassotherapy, or seawater therapy, swimming in salt water can increase your circulation. Also, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that swimming for about half an hour can help you reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

So grab your bikini (the LoveSurf Trestles Bikini is perfect) and hit nature’s health spa.



04 Aug

LOVESURF Model Search 2014


Are you the next face of LoveSurf?

Have you ever dreamed of staring in a surf lifestyle film? Do you spend every moment looking for the next big wave? Here’s your chance to do both!

LoveSurf and The ERA Agency are looking for the next #LoveSurfGirl.

Come visit us Saturday, August 8, 2014 at the SuperGirl Pro from 2pm – 5pm at the Festival Village for a chance to meet with LoveSurf casting agents and chat with them about what being a #LoveSurfGirl is all about.

Come by the booth and check out our Fall 2014 collection. Get a sneak peek and try on your favorite LoveSurf pieces.

Can’t attend the event?

Upload your photo to Instagram using the hashtag #LoveSurfGirl.

You will be automatically entered and could be chosen for a call-back later this month. For more information visit





07 May

DIY Foot Soak


Between work and working out, you’re tough on your feet. Give them a break with this DIY foot soak. Epson salt is great for sore muscles and sprains. It can also help to flush out toxins from the body. Baking soda help eliminate odors and is good for exfoliating your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Lime has been known to rejuvenate the skin and used in aromatherapy for its energizing and cheerful aroma. Peppermint essential oil can ease aches and pains in muscles and help you cool down after a workout.lovesurf-foot-soak


  • 2 cups of Epson Salt
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • Zest of one lime (omit to keep longer)
  • 3-4 drop of peppermint essential oil

Mix thoroughly. Pour into a jar or bag. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Use within a couple weeks.

How to use:

Add 1/2 cup of mixture to basin of warm water. Place tired feet in and relax!

Makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift too!




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